I’m a bit obsessed with cakes right now #myart #food

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Moonlight Densetsu - 8-Bit Version

This is exactly what I need right now.

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This is a Grande Finale

Yesssssssssss give it to me!

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The Wired Radio Awards


Hey all, could I ask a favor? I’m finishing up my MA in Radio here in London and have been co-hosting a radio show for the past two months with my friend Andy called Hipster Moose. We’re up for Best Talk Radio Program at the Wired Radio Awards and if you could spare 30 seconds to vote for us, I’d really appreciate it!

I’ve been working on The Baker Street Babes Podcast for the past three years, and it’s been amazing and I’m not stopping any time soon, but I’m also trying to carve a professional path for myself. Winning an award would really help in my future job applications.

You don’t have to vote blind for me, lord knows that’s not on, so you can listen to a selection of the shows here: mixcloud.com/HipsterMoose. The amazing kowabungadoodles did our logo and everything!

Voting closes in less than 24 hours and this is my last push! I have no idea what the stats are, but apparently things are very close.

Any votes, reblogs, and shares would be amazing.

Thank you all so much!


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Your blog and your photography is super cute! I hope I can have as much style as you one day ;3;

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Oh man, where do I start… you’re one of the people (including 77) who I talk about all the time, which sounds kind of weird without context, but it basically means I think about you a lot. Like, lots of stuff reminds me of you when you’re not around. There is probably only a handful of people in the world who stick in my mind like that. Meeting you definitely changed my life, which I think you already know, and I think we’ve had a fucking blast whilst we’ve been friends.

You’re awesome, you’re generous and funny, and you’re continued friendship means a lot to me.

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Our conversations always make me laugh, especially on twitter XD you’re a very funny, charming person.

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You’re a fantastic person and I always feel like we have such good conversations when we’re together. You’re so thoughtful and generous, and I hate that we live so far apart :(

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The Number Game

Send me a number from 1-500 and I’ll tell you how I feel about you in a post without anyone knowing your identity.