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Guess who’s watching the Labyrinth >:3

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My piece for Qpop's Sailormoon Tribute Show! Come by and say hello and check out equally cool arts!

I looove costume re-designs.

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My two (two!) pieces for the "Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi"gallery show, happening THIS SATURDAY (that’s tomorrow!) at Q-Pop in lovely downtown Los Angeles! The art i’ve already seen for this show looks AMAZING and i’m super pumped to be part of it along with many talented pals and talented potential-future-pals.

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tunatastic is coming to stay with me for 3 weeks! I’m so excited >3< we’re going to do ALL the tourist things!

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[It really bothers me that Seven of Nine wears high heels all the time. I feel like high heels are a terrible idea that would not have survived to the 24th century, and i don’t think an ex-Borg would find them at all practical or necessary.]

I don’t know about not surviving to the 24th century, but you do make a point about practicality when it comes to running around on a Starship. Than again Seven wasn’t he only one that wore heels. I mean hell have you seen the big ole heels on Kira’s boots?

She might have a legitimate medical reason for wearing them though. I actually had a friend who was born with one leg slightly shorter than the other, not noticeable apart from the flat footed way she walked. She found it more comfortable to wear heels because of years of wearing insoles to correct her walk. It could be that Seven was born with this slight imperfection, and the Borg corrected it by giving her implants or wedges in her shoes. Now she’s human, she finds it easier to walk in heels because she no longer has the Borg modification to correct her posture. 

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I’m super caffeinated right now which means its time to drawwwww

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The perils of working with children - I have lots of time during the holidays to do art, but unfortunately am too sick to pick up a pencil for more than 20 seconds.


I want to know what happen to the lizard babies.

I literally still think about this.

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Dear Tumblr,

I just got around to seeing this movie, despite the fact that it did not get a wide-release.

Find it and watch it.

Believe me when I say, this film is in the same league of sci-fi/speculative film classics as Bladerunner and Children of Men.



Should have a HUGE fandom.

It deals with issues like class, caste-systems, oppression, and the nature of humanity in a way mainstream films like The Hunger Games never could.

Let me tell you a story about the film-maker Joon-Ho Bong. Some years back, I had the privilege of attending a screening of one his films and the man happened to be there. At that time, he’d already gotten some notice for making The Host, another awesome film that allegorizes heavy issues in humanity.

So, he does the q&a at the end and someone asks him why he’s never produced a Hollywood movie.

…And he says, paraphrasing; that Hollywood would never let him make the kind of movies he’d like.  He’d have to hire an all-white cast and the actors would have to fit a certain aesthetic. They couldn’t be non-white, older than twenty-five, or non-thin…especially actresses.

He said, it’s not worth selling out, when he can make the kinds of movies he wants in South Korea.

…And then he makes this.

I’d love to spoil it for you, but suffice it say it was, as all good speculative sci-fi is, very effecting for me.


And if you need more convincing??

Your faves are in it:  Octavia Spencer aka the above flawless actress in the poster, Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Ed Harris and the father/daughter pair from The Host, Kang-So Hung and Ah-Sung Ko (which had me thinking AU!).

Now, I shall commence spamming my tumblr with Snowpiercer reblogs…

Apologies ahead of time.

I just watched the trailer after seeing this post, and I must see this film!!!

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